Village history

The village Okoč is situated in the south-western part of Slovakia, on the Podunajská nížina (Danubian lowland) 4 km north of the town Veľký Meder. 

It gained its present look in 1976 when the two neighbouring villages joined together: Okoč and Opatovský Sokolec.

The first written mention of Opatovský Sokolec comes from 1221. Okoč was first mentioned in 1268. Cattle breeding and fishing played the most important role in the life of people living here. This is also proved by the old village seal where a fish pictured. The joined village is proud of its three reconstructed churches. The reformed church in Opatovský Sokolec was built 220 years ago.

The wooden beautifully carved and painted pulpit and choir are ranked among cultural monuments. The Roman Catholic Church of Saint Vendel was built in 1789. The Reformed Church in Okoč was built at the beginning of the 19th century.